Here you can download the latest public and stable build of Fighter Factory.

This version was written from scratch along the last year, based on version 3 but all code has been reworked to achieve better modularity, performance and opening room to massive improvements and new features.

Almost all functions of Fighter Factory 3 are present in the first release (some less relevant ones are missing). This version is the beginning of our path to make a full IDE for not just M.U.G.E.N. but other 2D engines as well. Our goal is to be able to edit every single asset, on every engine we add support. All of this unified in just one tool, with focus on keeping things simple and accessible to everyone, allowing you to focus on content creation, in a fast and clear workflow.

Very special thanks to everyone that support us and makes this possible!


  • Tyler Young
  • Cur tis
  • ErnestoGP
  • United By Games
  • Deif Villena
  • TWZ Radio
  • Sandy Morrison
  • Kazecat
  • raitif franck
  • Dmanbro
  • K.Blood
  • Craver
  • Gangrelm
  • skywolf
  • Ellye
  • Ulikander
  • Knack Black
  • watamidoing
  • Elizabeth Valentine
  • Hannibal Royce
  • Serephine
  • Travis
  • Dj-Cabeza
  • Trevor Philips
  • KannaCrossingTTV
  • BrodieBr0
  • Michael Hermann
  • SimonCross
  • Sluigi123
  • Jonas Mortensen
  • MilkGuava
  • EthanTheHuman
  • Jeremy
  • Juwan Lawrence
  • Monnal
  • priori gabriel
  • Doge Concern
  • emilio carlos fortes junior
  • Arthur
  • Diego

Beta Testers:

O Ilusionista, {_Carnificina_}, AnArquia B, Beatrice, Cyanide, Cybaster, Jesuszilla, Juano16, Legendary XM-90, Liero, RajaaBoy, Seravy, Zero-Sennin

Community support:

(DG), _Josue_, Angel, Awesome, Binho, Bleed, Carnavalesco-Man, Chon Wang, Don Drago, Doom, DrKelexo, Duende Macabro, Erradicator, Ex Inferis, ExShadow, FerchogtX, Fervicante, Froz, GamerXP, Godita, Pao, Hero, Hiei SSJ, Iced, InicianteZERO, Jmorphman, Kain the Supreme, KoopaKoot, Le@n, MabsKMK, MadkaT, MalaDingDong, Mantovao, Maximilianjenus, Misamu, Noctis, parse, Poemi Watanabe, PotS, Raposo, Rednavi, Riptide, Sal-azul, Sam, Seravy, SpyderBoy, Superleosam, SXVector, Toninho 3rd, Toshio, Txpot, Vans, xande, xiondash, xursinix, Yin Yang