After several months of delay, I'm releasing version 3.5.4 to the public. This version introduces more features, a lot of major bug fixes and improvements.

This release was delayed many times because we decided to deploy Fighter Factory Studio as an installer like previous versions, and at same time switching to a stable package management system to perform updates too. So I decided to use Qt Installer Framework, which allow us to make an installer, perform updates and let the user customize installation, like choosing which components to install instead of them all like before. New features like extensions and engine modules will be deployed this way too.

Another great change is the way Fighter Factory Studio stores user settings. As suggested before, now it uses the proper directory on current user private folder, so even if you need to reinstall it, all settings are preserved.

The more noticeable changes, besides many bug fixes and improvements, are the Variable usage log/list coming back on M.U.G.E.N module, and the new way it writes to files, being the last one an awesome new feature, improving security, preventing data loss by a program failure (crash) while saving, power loss or whatever reason a file write operation gets interrupted, by using temporary storage instead of direct write.

Changes in this new build:

  • Zoom on code editors applied to "Edit animations too.
  • Fixed "Run in engine" when .def is used as CNS too.
  • Export sprites/sounds crashes if used while in another editor.
  • String replace crashes if it changes some comment.
  • Random crash while editng code.
  • Fixed many bugs in OnionSkin.
  • Configuration moved to an user directory.
  • Pasting a RGBA image on Indexed canvas tries to preserve transparency.
  • Added option to allow color slot redistribution on Advanced Palette Editor.
  • Better renderer selection (Native painting is activated if neither OpenGL 2.0 or DirectX 9 support is available).
  • Code list updates itself when some value changes.
  • Implemented the variable usage list/log for M.U.G.E.N.
  • Tree list state is preserved when switching between editors.
  • Texture cache is cleared on Native painting mode, saving lots of memory.
  • Fixed the crash when switching from definitions editor right after some change was made.
  • Fixed the zoom on animation editor after closing all tabs.
  • Fixed some crashes while editing animations.
  • Fixed import animations from another project.
  • Fixed export to HTML.
  • Fixed some problems with angle and scaling.
  • Changed Options window so each engine module can display custom settings.
  • Added options to change CLSN default colors on M.U.G.E.N module.
  • Fixed the Throw creator slider not updating animation when moving by keyboard.
  • Fixed the function "Use these contact boxes in all other instances of this frame".
  • Fixed the crash when there's just one frame in an animation with time = 0.
  • Fixed the bug that sends an animation to the top instead of bottom on organizer.
  • Implemented a progress bar to show code reparse progress while switching colorsets.
  • Implemented a new way to write into files, more secure, as we keep the original file while writing into another temporary one (if a failure occurs while writing you won't lose the file like before).

As planned, next builds will be exclusive to our Patrons, at least temporarily (early access) like this one.

Very special thanks to our Patrons, M.U.G.E.N. communities and everyone helping to make this a complete success!

This time, I'm releasing a bug fix only update, this is why it's still public. This new version fixes every single known issue, including the ones from the first version like sound problems on Unix and zoom on code editors.

Another good change is the auto-updater. Now, its bugs where fixed and the update process improved, so new patches will be easy to deploy and download/install.

The native painting engine was improved too, so people without good OpenGL support can enable it and Studio will work on older hardware like Fighter Factory 3.

As suggested, clicking one more time on a selected CLSN will try to select the one underneath, if exists, and the program remember what you're doing while switching tabs.

Changes in this new build:

  • Added support to OpenGL ES.
  • Some palette functions won't work.
  • Advanced search freezes on empty string.
  • Added support to native paint engine.
  • Crash when removing the line of the code selected in the left panel's list.
  • Cursor going to the end of the line while editing animation name.
  • Added support to external files by relative path on save as and run in engine functions.
  • Implemented an auto update function.
  • Crash when commenting the line of the code selected in the left panel's list.
  • Optimized some stuff.
  • Tools -> Options -> Image -> Center of zoom: unable to set value "Center of workspace".
  • Crash trying to open a palette or image on Advanced palettes editor while no Project is open.
  • Clicking a selected contact box tries to select another one underneath.
  • Remember what you're doing on each project tabs while switching between them.
  • Crash after editing an sprite using multiple layers and going to another one.
  • Sound cuts off on Linux and macOS.
  • Fixed zoom on code editors.
  • Can't save a Colorset.
  • PalFX, Offset viewer and Throw creator crashes if no sprite and/or animation file is open.
  • Crash while choosing an animation in offset viewer or throw creator.
  • Improved system screen support.
  • CLSN default stops showing after first non-default.
  • Inability to add an mugen engine with a name other than "mugen.exe".
  • Fixed loop when duration of first or last frame is 1 tick.
  • "New Animation with all" in AIR editor has the add dialog pop up twice after switching back from text mode.

As planned, next builds will be exclusive to our Patrons, at least temporarily (early access).

Very special thanks to our Patrons, M.U.G.E.N. communities and everyone helping to make this a complete success!

Today, I'm releasing Fighter Factory Studio 3.5.2. This new version fix almost all bugs people reported, and adds a few new features.

The biggest changes are the Advanced Search we explained before, and some new functions that's very interesting. Now, we break any limits, so Projects can have any number of files, we unlocked all editor set in any Project type too.

OK, that's cool, but what I can do?

  • "Project -> Open single file" was added to create a new project with just one file.
  • After opening a single file, you can open more files in the same Project using the Open function from menu bar (Definitions, Sprites, Animations, Commands, States and Sounds).
  • Even without a single file, you can open more than one file in any editor, like was possible only on States editor before.
  • The search result mark works in any editor too to warn you about results in another file.
  • You are allowed to close any file too. In Options window there's a setting to unlock this, so closing the last open file will close its editor too, cleaning unused stuff from the interface.

Changes in this new build:

  • Fixed the crash when you attempt to close a project when nothing's open (the button is usually greyed out, but becomes available if you open the options menu and hit apply).
  • Fixed copy and paste on sprites.
  • Issues list now updates itself after things get fixed.
  • Fixed the crash when closing a file after removing a state.
  • Fixed the crash while editing code snippets.
  • Fixed syntax error underlining comments too.
  • Fixed case sensitivity on file extensions on Linux by an option to disable native dialogs.
  • Fixed panel's background color.
  • Fixed DPI Settings on Linux.
  • Fixed tabulation on code editor.
  • Fixed the problems with unicode file paths.
  • Fixed some bugs in the frame interpolation while playing animation.
  • Fixed file navigation when the file isn't saved.
  • Fixed the crash after changing shortcuts in Options window.
  • Fixed the case where "Run in engine" crashes if you click OK faster than it selects one item.
  • Improved panel size management.
  • Issues list moved to a better place on bottom.
  • Advanced search implemented on bottom.
  • Engine output added to bottom.
  • "Project -> Open single file" implemented.
  • Support for closing any file (closes the editor on last file).
  • Support for opening any number of files (all editors are tabbed).
  • Improved code tree management.
  • Welcome windows implemented to easy setup Fighter Factory on first use.
  • Fixed M.U.G.E.N. setups defined in the Options menu don't appear to get written to a saved config file.
  • Fixed SFF handling on "non-char" projects.
  • SFF save function not blocking anymore.
  • Syntax fixed for fonts.
  • Added the empty template for new projects.
  • Implemented the Lazy syntax fix as custom search & replace.
  • Added support for nil expressions (-1).

As planned, next builds will be exclusive to our Patrons, at least temporarily (early access).

Very special thanks to our Patrons, M.U.G.E.N. communities and everyone helping to make this a complete success!

As we promised, Fighter Factory Studio was released in April, 4th. Unfortunately, we hadn't enough time to finish everything, and we apologize for that.

As planned, until the next major build, we continue to release patches and minor builds to make Studio better every day. User's feedback was the reason we're releasing this version with lots of bug fixes and some small additions so quickly. Thank you very much.

We hope more people gets involved on this project and help us, in any suitable way, to reach our goal and make the best possible tool for you..

Changes in this new build:

  • Added Windows XP support on the x86 version.
  • Not loading def that has point character before extension.
  • Crash when selecting an item in the left, then switching to another editor.
  • Increased wave rendering pause time when navigating between sounds to improve responsivity.
  • Some files not being copied to ffs_x temporary folder.
  • Crash with backup on load activated.
  • Many crashes on Sprites and palettes editor (includes all sort of bugs like Import, Insert, New file, almost all functions).
  • Error on [State xyz].
  • Errors window not jumping to the right tab.
  • Crash after closing all tabs in Cns/St editor.
  • Crash after closing tabs and switch to Animations editor.
  • Window size goes outside screen boundaries in low resolution screens.
  • Can't save sprites on thumbnails panel.
  • Add sprites by file name uses the same group for all images.
  • Added support for navigation using organizer.
  • Fixed a bug when black colors get painted in some part of 24bit images.
  • Optimized the wave rendering.
  • Fixed all possible cases that can lead to crash after closing tabs and switching to another editor.
  • Fixed the bug that files get deleted when opened from Mugen sub directories and tested in the same Mugen installation.
  • By fixing the previous bug, added support to run a project in-place.
  • Added more options for conflict resolution on Import from another project.
  • Unlocked palette organizer.
  • Added the 'Detect group/index from file name' option in Palettes and Sounds editors too.
  • When opening 24/32bit images in the Advanced palettes editor, it asks if you want an optimized palette for it.
  • Fixed a bug when animation code gets reparsed, CLSNs before the first animation (if they exists) are set to the first frame.

Very special thanks to our Patrons, M.U.G.E.N. communities and everyone helping to make this a complete success!

After one year of work, 13 years before release of the first edition, we are glad to launch Fighter Factory Studio to the public. This new version is a huge improvement over any previous edition.

Although it lacks some features, it's a solid base to upcoming functions that will be added. As said on previous announcements, we aim to be able to edit every single game asset, on any engine we add support. Fighter Factory was designed to be a character editor, version 3 added support to more formats, but on Studio we extend this to the maximum level.

The reworked code-base is powerful, scalable, extensible and very stable. Everything is ready for big new features like BGs editor on M.U.G.E.N's module and OpenBoR support. There's no limit for what we can do in this edition, and we have plans to extend almost all functions.

Here you can download latest version and older ones as well (including all versions from 1.0 to 3.0), and some important public content in our Blog. All exclusive content will be posted in our Patreon page.

Change log:

    • Split on modules with support for multiple engines.
    • Project file explorer (will be essential for full game development).
    • OpenGL is mandatory, but a software rasterizer alternative is available too.
    • Updated to latest version of Qt framework.
    • Hybrid parser/syntax highlighter (smarter, faster and more reliable).
    • Multi-threaded (long tasks are split across all available CPU cores).
    • Import from another project can import from any supported engine too, and has collision resolution.
    • Backup function restore files by replacing them and reloading, instead of just loading the backup on memory without changes in the original files.
    • 'Project -> Save' improved. Saves all modified files and call save as for those who lives on memory only as expected, on all projects of the same 'group'.
    • 'Project -> Save as' improved. Saves all files of the current 'project group' to a new folder (copy them in its current state to a new folder). Eg.: open a character, make a copy of it on another folder to create a new one based on the first.
    • We can even make a full copy of a default engine installation to make a full game.
    • 'Project -> Run in engine' improved. All bugs solved, faster than before, and on a full game 'project group' runs on the game itself.
    • Undo, redo, cut, copy, paste, find and replace available in all editors. You can even undo complex things like changes on sprites.
    • Zoom available on code editor too.
    • Built-in image editor inside sprites editor.
    • Import replace sprites with same group/number.
    • Ability to resize one or more sprites outside image editor (you can scale all sprites with hit box adjustment/scaling in one batch).
    • Default background is set based on localcoord.
    • Contact Box drawing always use the same type as current ones (default or not), or non-default if there's none.
    • Better support for frame interpolation, including timeline controls.
    • Onion Skin on animations changed from sprite to animation/frame.
    • Complete support for high DPI displays.
    • Palette generation and 'Adapt image to palette' with better support for alpha channel (can produce anti-aliased 8bit sprites).
    • Animated GIF generation works even with non-8bit sprites (adapts to 8bit).
    • Better interface preset system (adjusts to available space and scales nicely).
    • Drag and drop support on the Organizer.
    • Sound file viewer on sounds editor (basic editing functionality will be added over time).
    • Added fold all/unfold all for code editors.
    • Improved 'Export to HTML function' (tries to detect AI commands to uncheck them).


      • Parser groups allowed code by file type.
      • Added A1 transparency shortcut in Animations editor.
      • Added full support for frame interpolation.
      • Improved offset viewer and throw creator.
      • Fixed PCX decoding (solves some issues on portraits in SFF v1).


Windows (x86):Windows 7 SP1 or greater and Microsoft Visual C++ 2017 Redistributable

Windows (x64):Windows 7 SP1 or greater and Microsoft Visual C++ 2017 Redistributable.

Linux (64): libGL (OpenGL library) and Wine.

macOS (x64): Sierra 10.12 or greater and Wine Stable.

Known issues:

        • Zoom on code editors don't increase font size of all text.
        • Sound suddenly stops (macOS).
        • Can't resize dialogs (macOS).


Bug fixes as soon as possible.

Public release of new builds with new features every 3 months.

Other builds exclusive to our Patrons.