This is a small update to fix all known issues since version 3.6 release.


  • Fixed the file modification watcher showing twice and prompting the user at every external change, even if there's already a prompt active;
  • Fixed camera movement (up/down) on BGs editor;
  • Fixed a bug where incorrect indexing causes code to me moved to the wrong animation;
  • Fixed the crop after option on the add sprites function;
  • Fixed the sprite Export function for SprMake2;
  • Fixed default width/xscale values for new Parallax elements;
  • Fixed sprite not showing properly on BGs editor after undo/redo and BG type changes;
  • Fixed Zoom Fit function for graphic editors;
  • Fixed program freezing on DirectX rendering mode (dead-locking on slower machines).

 Thanks to everyone supporting us and reporting issues.