Today, I'm releasing version 3.5.6 to the public. This version is fully focused on major bug fixes and optimizations, but there's various improvements all over the place too.

Changes in this new build:

  • Fixed many crashes while closing a project;
  • Fixed crashes while closing/resetting .cmd file in the commands editor;
  • Fixed scripting system (so templates on Project/New menu will work again);
  • Fixed Throw Creator (code fixed by O Ilusionista);
  • Made demanding tasks heavily multi-threaded, so you'll see massive performance gains on newer hardware;
  • Optimized code parsing (opening and reparse after big changes should be a lot faster now);
  • Implemented asyncronous task support (async and auto save implemented);
  • Improved cache systems;
  • Improved the way it handles non-8bit images on SFF v1;
  • Improved the way files are handled (now you can open multiple files in any editor);
  • Fixed Import sprites from anorther project (second and third palette options not working as intended);
  • Fixed frame skipping while navigating between frames using the slider;
  • Implemented "Contiguous" option for Paint bucket on Image editor (when disabled paints all pixels with the same color);
  • Implemented Magic Wand tool on Image editor;
  • Exposed more classes to the scripting system (documentation will be updates later).


As planned, next builds will be exclusive to our Patrons, at least temporarily (early access) like this one.

Very special thanks to our Patrons, M.U.G.E.N. communities and everyone helping to make this a complete success!