As we promised, Fighter Factory Studio was released in April, 4th. Unfortunately, we hadn't enough time to finish everything, and we apologize for that.

As planned, until the next major build, we continue to release patches and minor builds to make Studio better every day. User's feedback was the reason we're releasing this version with lots of bug fixes and some small additions so quickly. Thank you very much.

We hope more people gets involved on this project and help us, in any suitable way, to reach our goal and make the best possible tool for you..

Changes in this new build:

  • Added Windows XP support on the x86 version.
  • Not loading def that has point character before extension.
  • Crash when selecting an item in the left, then switching to another editor.
  • Increased wave rendering pause time when navigating between sounds to improve responsivity.
  • Some files not being copied to ffs_x temporary folder.
  • Crash with backup on load activated.
  • Many crashes on Sprites and palettes editor (includes all sort of bugs like Import, Insert, New file, almost all functions).
  • Error on [State xyz].
  • Errors window not jumping to the right tab.
  • Crash after closing all tabs in Cns/St editor.
  • Crash after closing tabs and switch to Animations editor.
  • Window size goes outside screen boundaries in low resolution screens.
  • Can't save sprites on thumbnails panel.
  • Add sprites by file name uses the same group for all images.
  • Added support for navigation using organizer.
  • Fixed a bug when black colors get painted in some part of 24bit images.
  • Optimized the wave rendering.
  • Fixed all possible cases that can lead to crash after closing tabs and switching to another editor.
  • Fixed the bug that files get deleted when opened from Mugen sub directories and tested in the same Mugen installation.
  • By fixing the previous bug, added support to run a project in-place.
  • Added more options for conflict resolution on Import from another project.
  • Unlocked palette organizer.
  • Added the 'Detect group/index from file name' option in Palettes and Sounds editors too.
  • When opening 24/32bit images in the Advanced palettes editor, it asks if you want an optimized palette for it.
  • Fixed a bug when animation code gets reparsed, CLSNs before the first animation (if they exists) are set to the first frame.

Very special thanks to our Patrons, M.U.G.E.N. communities and everyone helping to make this a complete success!